Dental Treatments
 Dental Treatments       
Orthodontics is the treatment performed to correct your bite and make your smile look wonderful, with the help of braces. Orthodontic treatment can improve your dental health and change your facial appearance for the better, and it can boost your self-esteem. It can provide you with the chance to participate in improving the way you look. Patients often feel more self-confident even before treatment is completed.

With the help of biomechanics (the relationship between the forces you apply to living tissue such as teeth and gums and how the tissue moves and changes )we use wires to apply a certain amount of force to bring about the desired amount of change.
A department of dentistry involving diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental pulp (the nerves and blood vessels inside the tooth) Nothing is as good as a natural tooth! And sometimes your natural tooth may need root canal (endodontic) treatment for it to remain a healthy part of your mouth.

Root canal treatment(RCT) is also known as endodontic therapy. A root canal is a dental procedure in which a diseased or injured tooth is repaired by removing the damaged portion of the tooth, pulpal tissue (or nerve). In addition to nerve fibers, the pulpal tissue also contains arteries, veins, lymph vessels, and connective tissue and then sealing up the tooth to protect it from further injury. Root canals are often the most feared procedure by regular visitors to the dentist's office .

Under the skillful guidance of our specialized team of dentists root canal treatment is a painless and a fairly uncomplicated procedure unlike what most people fear.

Root Canal Treatments

When the cavity extends beyond the Enamel and Dentin and progresses to the Pulp, it gives rise to severe pain. In such a situation, before a filling can be done the infection has to be removed from the canals of the tooth. This treatment is called a Root Canal Treatment. The tooth is made numb so that there is no pain and the canals are cleaned out.
Root Canal Treatment is basically a Blind procedure because we can not visually see where we atre working. Although despite this the success rates for Root Canal Treatment are very good.
Oral Surgical Procedures (Maxillofacial surgery)
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is a surgical specialty which involves the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, injuries, and defects involving both the functional and aesthetic aspects of the hard and soft tissues of the head and neck region. The specialty is very broad, ranging from the extraction of teeth to the treatment of complex facial fractures.
Cosmetic Dentistry
A cosmetic dentist can help you get the smile you've always dreamed about. New technology and techniques have revolutionized the services offered by cosmetic dentists and there are many options for considering some form of cosmetic enhancement.
Some popular cosmetic dental procedures include:
     :: Whitening - we recommend supervised treatments by a trusted dentist
     :: Bonding - for chipped or cracked teeth
     :: Implants - a stronger alternative to dentures
     :: Veneers - increasingly popular for closing gaps or hiding discolored teeth
Crowns & Bridges
Ceramic Crowns are used to restore the shape, strength and function of a decyed tooth.After a tooth has had a Root Canal Treatment, the tooth has a tendency to fracture. To prevent this, the tooth is reinforced with a Crown. The most commonly used one is the Ceramic Fused to Metal crown. The strength comes from the metal, and the natural look which matches that of the adjacent teeth comes from the Ceramic that is fused to the metal.The tooth then can be used normallyfor both looks and for eating.
Scaling & Polishing
Scaling is needed on a regular basis by every one. it is suggested that scaling should ideally be done at six monthly intervals.
Silver Fillings have been around for times immemorial. This treatment option has been around for more than a century.Till about twenty years ago these were about the only fillings available to us. Mercury is used to to mix with the Silver powder granules prior to filling the tooyh.Today there is greater awareness about the Toxic effects of Mercury. Hence, they are not frequently used.
They are less expensive than the White Fillings but the fillings tend to tarnish over a period of time. Yet for those who would still prefer to have Silver Fillings, the facility is available.

Tooth Whitening
Whitening of teeth can be done by Bleaching or by the use of Veneers.Bleaching is done by the use of a chemical which is appplied on the surface of the teeth. When a lower strength of the material is used, the patient can safely apply it by himself in the Bleaching trays that are provided. He is usually advised on the duration of time that he can apply the Bleaching agent.

Dental Implants are entirely artificial teeth that a periodontist or other qualified dental specialist places into the jaw to hold an individual crown or bridge of teeth! Dental implants do not rely on neighboring teeth for their support; they are implanted directly into the jaw. Because of the anchoring strength of dental implants they are in many ways better option than traditional bridge and crown work. Dental implants feel and look natural causing you to forget that you even have an artificial tooth. Candidates for dental implants must be in good general and oral health with adequate jaw bone and health gum tissue in the area of missing teeth.

Gum Treatments
When Scaling and Polishing are not done routinely, the gums get infected and tend to bleed. The infection causes a bad odour in the mouth, leading to what is commonly called "Bad Breath".
Cases with bleeding gums and bad mouth smell are easily treatable. The cause of the problem is the Bacteria.Once we remove the Bacteria the problem settles down.
Scaling is done and if needed Gum curettage is done. In advanced cases, gum surgery may also be needed.Some times a bone graft may be needed to repalce the bone that has been lost.

One of the main goals of modern dentistry is the prevention of tooth loss. All possible measures should be taken to preserve and maintain your teeth because the loss of a single tooth can have a major impact upon your dental health and appearance. However, it is still sometimes necessary to remove a tooth. Here are some of the reasons a tooth may need to be extracted.
     :: Severe Decay
     :: Advanced periodontal disease
     :: Infection or abcess
     :: Orthodontic correction
     :: Malpositioned teeth
     :: Fractured teeth or roots
     :: Impacted teeth

Complete Dentures
Complete dentures are used to replace teeth when there are no teeth remaining. The teeth are prefabricated acrylic which come in many sizes, shapes, and shades. They are processed into a custom made acrylic base which is made to intimately and comfortably fit the gum tissue in your mouth.
A good quality set of dentures usually takes five appointments. Every patient presents with a unique shape of their oral tissue and relationship of their upper and lower jaws. Each patient also has unique esthetic requirements depending on the size, shape, and tone of their face and jaws. Each of these five appointments is crucial for a final denture which looks, fits, and works well.

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